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Ariana Marie needs to drop her class because she has too much on her plate. Her professor knows that it's one of the last classes she needs in order to graduate so he strikes a deal with her, he'll give her a passing grade and she doesn't even have to show up. All he asks in return is for a fuck session from Ariana. Seems like a fair deal to her.

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Ariana Marie is hanging out at her friend's house when her friend's brother, Mr. Pete, shows up. Pete finds out that Ariana needs a ride to the mall and he's more than happy to give her one, but Ariana would rather ride his cock than his car.

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Ariana Marie is working out to release stress because her boyfriend never fucks her. Her son's boyfriend finds out about Ariana's lack of sex and decides to do the gentlemanly thing and give her some of his cock.

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I love watching Ariana Marie on cam. Luckily, I convinced her to meet me in my hotel room. Tonight I am going to have Ariana do some of the naughty things she does for me on cam, but this time it's live. I start out by having her dress up for me, then I blindfold her and tie up her hands as I fuck her every which way I could think of.

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