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Nicole Aniston hosted a dinner/movie party for close friends of her and her husbands. Xander offered to help her with the dishes while the other started to watch the movie. Well, Nicole started to come on strong to Xander, her husband was not cutting it sexually. So Xander does what any best friend would do, he fucks his buddy's hot wife right there in the kitchen.

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Darla wants a new painting for the house and convinces her husband the only way she knows how...

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Ariella is an art collector looking to part with some of her paintings and Johnny is the potential buyer. Ariella doesn't keep the paintings at a gallery though, she looks to invite customer up to her bedroom to view her merchandise. As Johnny is bending over to check the authenticity of the painting, Ariella checks the authenticity of his ass with a grab. Johnny is a married man and has that ring right where his wife left it which is his finger and doesn't want anything to do with her. Ariella is looking for Johnny to buy all three paintings and with his cock in hand, she drives a hard bargain.

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